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openSUSE:Board meetings

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Online Board meetings

The Board online meeting normally take place every two weeks.

Next online meeting

Next online meeting on 2018-06-05. The board is always happy for people to reach them with things that need to be discussed. Because of this we encourage everybody to add items they find important to the next meeting agenda. You can add them directly to the openSUSE_talk:Board_meetings page. You can also reach the board privately via email board@opensuse.org with your topics if your prefer.

Online meeting summaries

This section is an index which link all the Board online meeting summaries.


2013 2014 2015

F2F Board meeting

The Face to Face Board meeting takes place once a year. It normally takes 3 days, after the Board elections, once the new members are already elected, and preferably before the openSUSE Conference. The main purpose is for the Board to start driving its collective agenda for the next year and bring the new members up to date.


The next F2F Board Meeting will take place on Prague from 2018-05-22 to 2018-05-24. The outcome of this meeting will be presented in the Annual Discussion with openSUSE Board during the openSUSE Conference: https://events.opensuse.org/conference/oSC18/program/proposal/1939