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Archive:Board meeting 2022-04-19

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Minutes of openSUSE Board meeting 2022-04-25

Present: Axel, Gerald, Gertjan, Neal
Excused: Maurizio, Syds, Attila
Guests: bittin, Doug, Emily, Georg

Minutes of recent meetings

  • 2022-03-14 (Neal) and 2022-04-11 (?) minutes missing from the Wiki
  • In general we should improve handling of minutes.
  • Now giving live, collaborative collection of minutes on Etherpad a try.
  • Axel proposes to have meeting minutes reviewed by Wed (2359 UTC) after the meeting, so minutes can be sent out by Thursday morning.

#37 openSUSE social media accounts (and openSUSE as a project) and situations like the war in the Ukraine

#41 Poll to sign OpenLetter as project or not

#44 Proposal about openSUSE.Asia summit 2022

Travel Support Program (TSP)

  • Practical challenges arose on the SUSE (Finance) side executing on the TSP
  • Doug working this, trying to find a solution - next meeting tomorrow

Board session at oSC

  • Leave "meet the board at the end of the conference" (has worked well in the past)
  • Add a "fork in the road" session on day 1
  • Options may be
    • keep things as they are
    • try moving towards a foundation for real
    • find a lean solution able to accept donations, spend...

#45 Plan for board meeting before oSC

  • May 31st + June 1st
  • Who is able to come?
    • Attila probably not?
    • Mau maybe?
  • If Attila or Mau aren't able to come in person, shift the schedule to run from morning to early (max. mid) afternoon
  • Gerald wonders what worked well / not well in the past for such meetings
  • Everyone feel free to add topics in the ticket.
  • AI Doug and Gerald: look into how travel and accomodation for board members can be organized