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MediaWiki is easy to use. You may enter simple markups such as headlines, links, lists and many more elements and the wiki will automatically format your input into HTML pages. A general introduction to the use of these markup elements is found in the official MediaWiki editing help.

Our quality standard

In order to be a Quality article and presented to the visitors by default, each submitted article should:

Quick intro

For a quick start, you can look at the existing pages for example of wiki markups, or see the following very basic explanation.

Edit an existing page

To start editing a page's section, click on the edit button on the right side of that section. Or, to edit the entire page, click on "Edit" near the top of the page, between "Discussion" and "History". The section or page will be presented in an edit field where you can make your changes. You are required to be logged in.

Save your edits

Below the edit field are three buttons: Save page and Show preview and Show changes. Use Show preview to check your changes before submitting with Save page. It is good to enter a short summary of changes. Clicking on "Cancel" will revert to the original, and delete all edits made since the last save.

Create a new page

To create a new page you have to put a link like [[Somepage]] to your desired page on an existing page and click on it. Links to nonexistent pages are indicated as a "red link".

Adding an image

Images can increase the clarity of an idea better than text alone. To add an image simply link to it with [[File:Someimage.jpg]], save the page, click on the red link and use the Upload file form to upload the image.