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The concept is an overview over how the openSUSE wiki works and how it should be maintained.

Structure: Namespaces

The content in this wiki is separated into topics by so called namespaces. These namespaces correspond to the interests of our visitors. The two most important topics are the Main namespace with pages about the current version of the openSUSE distribution for our users and the openSUSE namspace with pages about our teams, policies and activities for our contributors.

See Help:Namespace for a more precise introduction into all our namespaces.

Navigation: Links, categories and portals

Navigation happens through means common to any wiki, links. There are also collections of links called portals and categories. Categories are automatically generated overview pages about a topic and Portals are manually currated overview pages for a topic. Our navigation aids readers in finding the content they seek, whether that is an individual article or an overview about a topic.

See Help:Category and Help:Portal for a more precise introduction to our navigation.

Styling: Templates

Styling of content in this wiki happens through templates. There are two kinds of templates: article templates and fragment templates. Article templates are templates for specific kind of page like portals or support database articles. Fragment templates are used for styling of recurring content in pages, such as an introduction or boxes with info. With these styling templates we ensure that people understand the content we produce.

See Help:Style for a more precise introduction to our styling.

Quality assurance: Page validation

Prominent namespaces in this wiki are subject to a quality assurance (QA) process to ensure articles meet the required quality. This QA process happens via a system of page validation. Page validation means that a team of people review all changes to articles before they are visible to everybody else. Page validation does not limit creation of new content, but allows only quality content to be shown by default. With this process we ensure that first time visitors get drawn into our wiki and stay.

See Help:Page_validation for a more precise introduction to our quality assurance.


Important part of our concept is that wiki content must be accessible to people that don't use English to read or contribute to the articles. We have multiple wiki translation projects for various languages and we also have a multilingual wiki that can be used to start a new wiki translation project.

See Help:Translation for a more precise introduction to our translation efforts.