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Welcome to the Wiki Portal edit

The openSUSE wiki is the source of information about the openSUSE project and distribution.

The goal is to provide high quality documentation and a place for collaboration on all parts of the project. This is done in a well structured, standardized and easy readable way. Content is created, edited and refined by all community members.

Topics edit


Adding Content - If you want to contribute more than the usual typo-fix or small update for an existing article the following pages will help you to understand how we work in this wiki.

  • Editing help - Everything about editing articles in this wiki.
  • Styling help - Everything about styling articles in this wiki.
  • Namespaces - Group articles for the right target audience.
  • Templates - Standardized texts you can include on pages.
  • Icons - Standard icons you can use on pages.
  • Categories - Group articles according to their theme.


Wiki Maintenance - If you want to help us to maintain this wiki by keeping it organized, standardized and readable you should additionally read the following pages.

  • If you need additional information contact the Wiki team.

Statistics edit

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New pages - More stats

Things to do edit

  • For the transition there is a list of big topics that need handling at Help:Todo