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Welcome to the PowerPC Portal edit

openSUSE for POWERtm is back! Thanks for OBS and KVM on POWER we are able to do a public builds. That means, you can, without any access to the PowerPC hardware, build your application for ppc64 or ppc64le architectures.

Feel free to join theopenSUSE Factory mailing list as well as the #openSUSE-factory IRC channel for questions or help. (the old opensuse-ppc list and channel are not used anymore). We are also actively looking for people to test our builds. If you have an PowerPC machine and you're encounter some bugs and are willing to spend some time to get it working with openSUSE, please contact us on the mailing list.

There is also always room for improvement on the package building side of things. You can check out Factory build failures for ppc64 and ppc64le.

Thanks and here's to getting our Geeko some Power.

In the news edit

Leap 15.2 PowerPC available on July 2020

  • available in Leap page ; in Ports aarch64/ppc64le tab.
  • known bugs at install time for Leap 15.2 ppc64le:

Leap 15.1 PowerPC available on May 2019

Leap 15.0 PowerPC

Leap 42.3 PowerPC available on 28th July 2017

Docker trial ppc64le Tumbleweed and Leap 42.3

  • I just successfully tried to install docker in a Tumbleweed ppc64le guest and used it to pull and run the ppc64le/opensuse images available from Docker repository.
$sudo zypper install docker
$sudo systemctl enable docker
$sudo systemctl start docker
$usermod -a -G docker michel
$docker pull ppc64le/opensuse
$docker pull ppc64le/opensuse:tumbleweed
$docker pull ppc64le/opensuse:42.3
$docker images
REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
ppc64le/opensuse    tumbleweed          74b5d7605cbf        39 hours ago        148MB
ppc64le/opensuse    42.3                30109b769c78        39 hours ago        149MB
ppc64le/opensuse    latest              30109b769c78        39 hours ago        149MB
$docker run ppc64le/opensuse:tumbleweed cat /etc/os-release
NAME="openSUSE Tumbleweed"
# VERSION="20171127"
PRETTY_NAME="openSUSE Tumbleweed"
$docker run ppc64le/opensuse:42.3 cat /etc/os-release
NAME="openSUSE Leap"
PRETTY_NAME="openSUSE Leap 42.3"

Topics edit

build archi chips available releases comments
ppc (32bits) ? 13.1 ?
ppc64 G5 13.1 ?
ppc64 P5 P6 P7 13.1 13.2 Tumbleweed ?
ppc64 P8 13.2 Tumbleweed ?
ppc64le P8,P9 Leap_42.2 Tumbleweed ?

This table is a first draft, to be completed/modified

Things to do edit


  • openSUSE:Factory:PowerPC is OBS project for PowerPC Tumbleweed
  • The list of packages to work in priority are in the 3 rings projects:
(But obsolete project pages as not enough resources to work on)


Portal:Leap wiki is general doc about Leap.

Leap 15.3 for PowerPC is pending dev Leap release

Previous EOL Leap releases:

  • Leap 42.3 DVD and NET isos accessible from
  • Leap 15.0 for PowerPC is only built but not openQA tested as 20180530, only accessible from download iso


There are many development activities you may work on:

  • identify failing packages builds in one of two above PowerPC projects and work as summarized in obs tutorial
  • identify failing openQA tests, create new issues/bugs and reference them as comments for ttm to be able to publish related snapshot in as summarized in Get_openQA_green