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Welcome to the PowerPC Portal edit


openSUSE for POWERtm is back! Thanks for OBS and KVM on POWER we are able to do a public builds. That means, you can, without any access to the PowerPC hardware, build your application for ppc64 or ppc64le architectures.

Feel free to join the openSUSE PowerPC mailing list as well as the #openSUSE-ppc IRC channel for questions or help. We are also actively looking for people to test our builds. If you have an PowerPC machine and you're encounter some bugs and are willing to spend some time to get it working with openSUSE, please contact us on the mailing list.

There is also always room for improvement on the package building side of things. You can check out Factory build failures

Thanks and here's to getting our Geeko some Power.

In the news edit

Leap 42.3 PowerPC available on 28th July 2017

  • DVD and NET isos accessible from [1]

Topics edit

build archi chips available releases comments
ppc (32bits)  ? 13.1  ?
ppc64 G5 13.1  ?
ppc64 P5 P6 P7 13.1 13.2 Tumbleweed  ?
ppc64 P8 13.2 Tumbleweed  ?
ppc64le P8 Leap_42.2 Tumbleweed  ?

This table is a first draft, to be completed/modified

Things to do edit



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