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  • openSUSE:Factory:PowerPC is OBS project for PowerPC Tumbleweed
  • The list of packages to work in priority are in the 3 rings projects:
(But obsolete project pages as not enough resources to work on)


Portal:Leap wiki is general doc about Leap.

Leap 15.3 for PowerPC is pending dev Leap release

Previous EOL Leap releases:

  • Leap 42.3 DVD and NET isos accessible from
  • Leap 15.0 for PowerPC is only built but not openQA tested as 20180530, only accessible from download iso


There are many development activities you may work on:

  • identify failing packages builds in one of two above PowerPC projects and work as summarized in obs tutorial
  • identify failing openQA tests, create new issues/bugs and reference them as comments for ttm to be able to publish related snapshot in as summarized in Get_openQA_green