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As of this writing nVidia does not release PowerPC drivers for SUSE.

However, RHEL 7 drivers provided by nVidia can be installed on SUSE. I do not have the hardware to test the drivers so YMMV.

Download the nVidia CUDA package for RHEL 7 ppc64le

Go to CUDA downloads, in the "Select Target Platform" frame click "Linux", "ppc64le", and "RHEL". "7" and "rpm (local)" get selected for you because there is no alternative option.

You should obtain a 1.2G rpm package which you can unpack like

 sudo mkdir -p /opt/cuda
 cd /opt/cuda
 rpm2cpio ~/Downloads/cuda-repo-rhel7-8-0-local-ga2-8.0.54-1.ppc64le.rpm | sudo cpio -id
 sudo zypper ar /opt/cuda/var/cuda-repo-8-0-local-ga2 cuda8
 sudo zypper ref

Now zypper should ask you about unknown repo key for the cuda8 repo

Download the DKMS package

DKMS is maintained in Bumblebee project. It is a plain script so you can just download any of the binary packages and install it on PowerPC although it is packaged on x86.

 sudo zypper in kernel-devel
 sudo rpm -i ~/Downloads/dkms-

You might also want to install empty ldconfig package ldconfig. On Red Hat ldconfig is a separate package so zypper will complain that you don't have one when installing the X11 driver.

 sudo rpm -i ~/Downloads/ldconfig-0-1.1.noarch.rpm

Install the packages

 sudo zypper in nvidia-kmod

If you see dkms errors now the driver will not work. On the other hand, if the drivers automagically loads now you have a supported nVidia card. You may try to load the driver manually with

 sudo insmod nvidia

Finally, you can install the cuda suite with

 sudo zypper in cuda