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Welcome to the openSUSE Container Portal Edit
The openSUSE project contains several Container technologies and Containers for The devel project for most of our openSUSE Containers can be found in devel:kubic:containers
Registry Edit

There is an official openSUSE registry. The Registry contains the official openSUSE Container images and the container images from the devel and home projects. Additional the images which are currently in testing can be found. There are four main name spaces:

  • opensuse contains the official openSUSE. There are several sub-namespaces like factory, infrastructure, tools and templates, which are no official container images.
  • kubic contains the official [Portal:Kubic|openSUSE Kubic]] container images. They are mainly needed to run Kubernetes.
  • devel contains the container images from the various devel projects
  • home contains the container images from the home projects
Tools Edit

There are several helpful tools to run and manage containers on openSUSE:

  • containers-systemd - package containing systemd service files and sysconfig configuration files to run containers
  • container-registry-systemd - Scripts and systemd service files to setup a local registry including RBAC
  • mirror-registry - tool to create a list of container images to mirror as input for umoci
  • reg - tool to query a container registry
Base Container Edit

There are several openSUSE Base Container Images:

  • - Base image with zypper based on openSUSE Leap
  • - Base image with zypper based on openSUSE Tumbleweed
  • - Busybox based base container with glibc, no zypper. It contains a RPM database to build derived containers. The size is about 9MB.