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Cockpit Web Service Container Image


This container image contains the latest Cockpit Web Service from openSUSE Tumbleweed.



Install Cockpit RPMs

If Cockpit is not yet installed, install at first the RPMs:

Install Cockpit packages as RPMs with zypper on Tumbleweed:

  # zypper install cockpit-system cockpit-podman

Or install Cockpit with transactional-update on MicroOS:

  # transactional-update pkg install cockpit-system cockpit-podman
  # systemctl reboot

Run Cockpit web service

Run the Cockpit web service with this privileged container (as root):

  # podman pull
  # podman container runlabel --name cockpit-ws RUN

Start Cockpit on boot

Make Cockpit start on boot:

  # podman container runlabel INSTALL
  # systemctl enable cockpit.service