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openSUSE docker_auth Container Image


This container image contains the latest docker_auth package from openSUSE Tumbleweed.




A local directory with the configuration files is required, by default is this /etc/registry. This directory should contain the auth_config.yml file and server certificates. For an example configuration look at the docker_auth RPM.


  • -v N - increases verbosity
  • --logtostderr - prints all informations on stderr
  • /etc/registry/auth_config.yml - path of the configuration file


 # podman run -d --name docker_auth -p 5001:5001 -v /etc/registry:/etc/registry --logtostderr /etc/registry/auth_config.yml

Reload Configuration


Systemd support

The package container-registry-systemd contains a service file and scripts to configure and automatically start the docker_auth container with systemd. Please read the documentation of that package.