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openSUSE NFS Server Image


This container image contains all required tools to run a NFS Server. By default, only NFSv4 is available, but NFSv3 can be enabled, too.




This container image requires either an exports file or the list of directories to be exported as argument. The /etc/exports file needs to contain all directories with export permissions. Alternatively list of directories which should be exported can be provided as argument list. In this case, and if there is no /etc/exports, the container will create it's own /etc/exports file with default exports rules.

The host OS needs to provide the nfsd kernel modules and the container needs to be able to load them.

The /etc/sysconfig/nfs sysconfig file in the format of current openSUSE Tumbleweed can be used to finetune the NFS server. By default, NFS v3 is disabled.


With an exports file:

 # podman run -d --rm -v /<export>:/<export> -v /etc/exports:/etc/exports:ro --name nfs-server -p 2049:2049 --privileged

With the directories to be exported as argument:

 # podman run -d --rm -v /<export>:/<export> --name nfs-server -p 2049:2049 --privileged /export-dir1 [/export-dir2 ...]

NFSv3 Configuration


Systemd support

There is currently no systemd unit for this container image.