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openSUSE dhcp-server Container Image


This container image contains the latest dhcp-server package from openSUSE Tumbleweed. It can act as DHCPv4 or DHCPv6 server.




This container image requires a local data directory, by default /srv/dhcp-server. The dhcpd.conf and/or dhcpd6.conf configuration file needs to be placed in this directory. The container will store the leases in this directory, too.

The following environment variables are supported:

  • DHCPD_IP_PROTOCOL=[4|6] - IPv4 or IPv6?
  • DHCPD_INTERFACES="if0 if1 ... ifN" - List of interfaces to listen on


 # podman run -d --rm --net host -v /srv/dhcp-server:/data --env DHCPD_INTERFACES="eth2" --name dhcp-server

With SELinux

With SELinux enabled(MicroOS default) the Podman-Volume Mount option Z is required. The Z option tells Podman to label the content with a private unshared label.

 # podman run -d --rm --net host -v /srv/dhcp-server:/data:Z --env DHCPD_INTERFACES="eth2" --name dhcp-server

Reload Configuration

The ISC dhcp server implementatin does not support reloading of configuration files.

Systemd support

The package containers-systemd contains a service file and sysconfig file to configure and automatically start the container with systemd.

 # systemctl start container-dhcp-server
 # systemctl start container-dhcp6-server