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openSUSE minidlna Container Image


This container image contains the latest minidlna daemon from openSUSE Tumbleweed.




Prefix any configuration directive of MiniDLNA with MINIDLNA_ E.g.: MINIDLNA_MEDIA_DIR=/media MINIDLNA_MEDIA_DIR_1=A,/media/audio MINIDLNA_MEDIA_DIR_2=V,/media/video MINIDLNA_FRIENDLY_NAME="My DNLA Server"

This will create a minidlna.conf file with this settings on each run of the container.


 # podman run -d --rm -v /media:/media --net=host --name minidlna --env MINIDLNA_MEDIA_DIR=/media

The container needs to run in host mode for it to be able to receive UPnP broadcast packets. The default bridge mode will not work.

Systemd support

The package containers-systemd contains a service file and etc/default file to configure and automatically start the minidlna container with systemd.

 # systemctl start container-minidlna