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Welcome to the OpenStack Portal edit

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OpenStack provides an IaaS cloud framework.

There are OpenStack packages available in the openSUSE Build Service. The packages are developed in the Cloud:OpenStack project and its subprojects.

openSUSE Versions edit

Topics edit



Crowbar is a platform for server provisioning and deployment from bare metal. It is of particular use in automating deployments of OpenStack.



DevStack is a set of shell scripts to build complete OpenStack development environments. It is useful to create a small OpenStack environment that will be used for hacking, testing, etc. and is therefore primarily used for upstream development.

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OpenStack Chef deployment

You can get started quickly with a Chef deployment on openSUSE using soksolok and our OpenStack chef cookbooks. Follow this guide to deploy a simple one-node OpenStack cloud.


OpenStack Documentation

The OpenStack documentation site contains many guides for installing, administrating and using OpenStack. It includes the Install Guide for openSUSE.

Communicate edit

Development discussions happen on the openSUSE mailing lists. The most important mailing list to follow OpenStack development and discuss OpenStack related topics is:

We also have an IRC channel on Freenode: #opensuse-cloud.

Package development is a community development, feel free to join us!

The list of open and ongoing tasks is available via a public Trello board.

In the news edit