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Welcome to the Crowbar Portal edit

Crowbar is a platform for server provisioning and deployment from bare metal. It is of particular use in automating deployments of OpenStack. See for more details. The openSUSE Cloud project component Crowbar relies on Chef to manage its systems.

We at openSUSE provide the necessary packages in the openSUSE Build Service to install Crowbar on openSUSE directly from the repository.

Currently there is only one Crowbar project in the Build Service:

This contains unstable packages for Crowbar 2.0 which is currently under development, and also packages for all of its dependencies, which are linkpac'd from the following projects:

Want to take part in the development process?

Contributions are very welcome. You should first join the Crowbar community, since everything is very much under flux at the time of writing (January 2013).

If you want to commit changes to the systemsmanagement:crowbar:2.0 project, just branch the package you want to work on. With a submitrequest you can bring your contribution back to the project.

In the news edit

Exciting times for Crowbar on openSUSE! We are close to releasing working packages and images for the 2.0 branch which is currently under heavy development.

Also, upstream development has just moved to - see for more info.

Things to do edit

See the Crowbar community Trello boards for:

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