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Welcome to the Invis-Server Portal edit

invis-Server Developers Meeting 2017 takes again place at openSUSE Conference.

invis-Server are openSUSE based server operating systems for small business companies.

invis-Server attend to network organisation (DHCP, DNS, Active Directory). They have got a simple user interface with the invis portal and come up with a large software environment (groupware, enterprise resource planning (ERP), wiki, cloud, VPN).

The installation of a invis-Server is possible easy. It occurs with a text based minimal system with support of our setup script sine, which is part of the package invisAD-Setup.

Topics edit

invis-Server project

The invis-Server project was founded by Ines Armbrust and Stefan Schäfer in the year 2008. At this time the base of the setup script sine and some active installations existed already. But they havn't got many similarities with the development status of today. Since the start of the project invis-Server has consistently taken part of events like FrOSCon, Chemnitzer Linux Tagen and later the Open-Rhein-Ruhr. At the FrOSCon 2009 we have got contact to openSUSE and have established our first relationships. A talk about invis-Server followed at the openSUSE Conference 2010 in Nuremberg. The cooperation was more concretely with this presentation and the project invis-Server is maintained as a openSUSE spin-off since this time.

invis-Server in the web


It is comperatively easy to install a invis-Server. The setup has got essentially 5 worksteps:

  1. Installation of a minimal openSUSE, text based, without GUI. Only openSUSE Leap 42.1 will be supported at the moment.
  2. Setup of the invis repository of your own choice (stable or unstable) and installation of the invis setup package "invisAD-setup"
  3. Executing the script netsetup, rebooting the server and configuration of network interfaces
  4. Executing the script sine
  5. Configuration on installed software (examples: ownCloud, WaWision, Zarafa...)

The detailed description of the setup and the leading thought about the environment of invis-Server are in our wiki.


The development of all components of invis-Server is based on 2 pillars with github and the openSUSE Buildservice. You need relevant accounts on both platforms, if you would like to support us. We need mates with experience in System & Network Administration, Shellscripting, Web Development (PHP/JavaScript) and Packaging. A good dose of knowledge in LDAP is very helpfully.

You can find more detailed infos about that in our wiki, too.

What is to do edit

All about Invis-Server edit

Nothing at the moment...

Other News edit