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openSUSE Games is a community effort to package everything a Linux gamer needs right on the build service instance. Everyone can submit changes and request to maintain their favorite game. Quality is assured by a review with four eyes principle.

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A sub-project repository provides players and game developers with utilities such as digital distribution clients like Steam or the popular low-latency VoIP tool Mumble.


A vast variety of hardware is supported by YaST Joystick. Also vendor specific configuration like the Steam controller and Roccat tools are available.

Game Platforms

All packages are available in official repository. You can also find newer versions in openSUSE Software.
Platforms FLOSS Description
Lutris Yes Lutris is the most popular open source gaming platform for Linux. It enable you to install Linux native games and Wine games with one click. Thousands of game titles are supported.
RetroArch Yes RetroArch turns your PC to a gaming console with supports of a large variety of emulators and classic games.
Steam No Steam is the largest PC game store and has brought many native Linux games and thousands of Windows games through Steam Play.

Console Game Emulators

Consoles are ordered by name. Emulators are ordered by usability. All emulators are available on openSUSE Build Service.
Vendor Console Emulators
Microsoft Xbox -
Xbox 360 -
Xbox One -
Nintendo Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) higan / Mednafen
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) higan / Mednafen
Nintendo 64 (N64) Mupen64Plus
GameCube (NGC) Dolphin Emulator
Wii Dolphin Emulator
Wii U -
VirtualBoy realityboy
GameBoy (Color) higan / Mednafen / gnuboy
GameBoy Advanced mgba / higan / Mednafen
Nintendo DS (NDS) -
Nintendo 3DS (3DS) -
Sony PlayStation (PSX) PCSX-Reloaded / ePSXe / Mednafen / PCSX
PlayStation2 (PS2) PCSX2
PlayStation 3 (PS3) RPCS3
PlayStation 4 (PS4) Orbital
PlayStation Portable (PSP) PPSSPP
PlayStation Vita (PSV) -