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Roccat is a German vendor for mouse and keyboards targeted at gamers.
Roccat green by roccat-d926imr.png

The Linux userland tools are created with official blessing from Roccat and also available for openSUSE.

Warning: This software is unmaintained as the original developer resigned. No new hardware support will be added.[1]


Depending on your model you have to install one of the following packages:

  • roccat-lua
  • roccat-isku
  • roccat-kone
  • roccat-savu
  • roccat-arvo
  • roccat-tyon
  • roccat-pyra
  • roccat-sova
  • roccat-nyth
  • roccat-kiro
  • roccat-ryos
  • roccat-suora
  • roccat-skeltr
  • roccat-iskufx
  • roccat-konextd
  • roccat-konepure
  • roccat-kovaplus
  • roccat-koneplus
  • roccat-kova2016