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openSUSE provides many entertaining games for free. With the rise of the internet, gaming is evolving towards Linux, and more and more games and emulators for games are becoming available. It is often a misconception that Linux has sub quality games. Lately, Linux had been receiving many of the same games that Windows users have, and with emulators, there is a new option, one that lets you play games created for DOS, Windows and other platforms as if they were built for Linux.


Add GAMES repository in YaST: "Software" → "Software Repositories" → "Add" → "Community Repositories" → [x] "openSUSE BuildService - Games" or enter in the shell one of the following commands according to your openSUSE version:



Mumble, Steam, level editors, server browsers, pixel art tools, asset extractors and SDKs to create your own games are available in a separate repository


Type one of the following commands into a terminal according to your openSUSE version: