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Welcome to the OpenSUSEway Portal Edit
OpenSUSEway desktop environment based on Sway and includes additional packages, openSUSE branding and themes:
  • waybar as status bar
  • Tumbleweed wallpaper
  • Sway#wofi as application luncher
  • alacritty as default terminal
  • mako as notifier
  • wob for the sound and brightness indicator
  • imv as the image viewer
  • mpv as video player
  • vifm as ncurses based file manager
Installation Edit
Currently only Tumbleweed is supported.

Install from the command line:

sudo zypper in openSUSEway

Install from the browser:

  • openSUSE Factory Button-oci.png

After installation, just run


from the command line, or if there is a login manager that supports wayland sessions, it will be available as the session selection.

openSUSEway is also available in the installer:

  • select basic desktop or server
  • on the last stage, select Software
  • deselect unneeded X and basic icewm if they are selected
  • select openSUSEway
Configuration Edit
Sway configuration

openSUSEway customizes standard Sway config and stores it here by default:


If there is a need to slightly modify and add some options, the best way is to create directories in your local .config directory and add your file there:

mkdir -p ~/.config/sway/config.d/
$EDITOR ~/.config/sway/config.d/my_config_file

Add your changes there, for example:

output eDP-1 scale 1

File `/etc/sway/config` should already have:

include ~/.config/sway/config.d/*

if it doesn't just add it.

After config reload changes should be applied.

If there is a need to customize it more, just create your own files under ~/.config/sway/* they have higher priority then those in /etc/sway/* so local user configuration would be loaded.


openSUSEway installs Environment variables to the couple of locations to cover both tty login and systemd based login managers:

  • /etc/profile.d/
  • /usr/lib/environment.d/50-openSUSEway.conf
For example there is QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=adwaita-dark to override QT theme to match GTK one (that is set in the Sway config).

Sway openSUSE 15.2.png

Default desktop

open issue on github or comment on one: