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Archive:Board meeting 2021-12-20

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Minutes of openSUSE Board meeting 2021-12-20

Present: Axel (after 10'), Gerald, Gertjan, Neal, Simon, Syds
Excused: Vinz
Guests: Bill, Doug, Maurizio (after 25')


  • running
  • To the knowledge of the board all membership requests have been processed, all members (old and new) should have received their ballot with subject "Vote: openSUSE Board Election 2021"
  • Emeritus membership list is WIP
  • Emeritus membership and openSUSE Election Rules

Updates on Membership Officials

  • Bill volunteers
  • board happily accepts
  • AI: Gerald to communicate with membership-officials@

Bar T-Shirts

  • Bill is thinking to do a special shirt for "openSUSE Bar" folks around the 15.4 release.
  • If existing logos are not changed and only additional elements added, no trademark approval is required.
  • Bill going reach out to Sasi.