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Archive:Board meeting 2020-10-27

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Board Meeting Minutes 2020-10-27 0800 CET

Attendees: Axel, Gerald, Marina, Stasiek, Vinz
Apologized: Simon
Guest: Lubos

Status Jump / Closing the Leap Gap

  • Deadline for Release of 15.2.1: Nov 4th
  • Nov 2nd, last review for Go/NoGo
  • Kick-off meeting Leap 15.3
  • 15.3 will be based on the new Jump concept. More info during the kickoff.
  • several presentations from Lubos and no real concerns on the topic.
  • kickoff announced to factory@ and project@ by Lubos
  • meeting on 4th afternoon

Conference Review

  • Upcoming: DevConf ->
    openSUSE community encouraged to submit papers
  • oSLO 2020
    feedback and kudos to TDF team
  • Board session during oSLO
    • Topics discussed:
    • openSUSE committment and interactions with the Board
    • Status of the project
    • Marketing activities (not mainly a board job)
    • Mailing Lists
    • Foundation
    • Losing users and installations
    • General approach: board should not/does not want to interfere with the various teams.
  • AI: Marina: check the status of the board session at the conference.

Next elections

AI: Gerald: contact the election officials for starting the next board election process Seats up for election are Axel's and Marina's. Gerald will clarify with the election officials.


  • OpenForumEurope on Nov 5th
    Event: First results of the European Commission Open Source study