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What is the Go-NoGo decision for?

Final No-Go was announced on 3rd of November 2020

We're deciding whether we want to release openSUSE Jump as openSUSE Leap 15.2.1. The current Roadmap proposes that openSUSE Leap 15.2.1 release would be the 4th of November 2020.

If we decide for (conditional) Go, then openSUSE Leap 15.2.1 will be released as an intermediate release in between openSUSE Leap 15.2 and 15.3. If we decide for No-Go then we'll move directly to openSUSE Leap 15.3 development according to the roadmap. openSUSE Leap 15.3 would then be based on the same proposed Portal:Jump concept.

We'd like to make our decision based on openSUSE Jump alignment with preagreed conditions discussed with Product Management for SUSE Linux Enterprise. These points were provided for a review to the community as part of an announcement to opensuse-factory@ and opensuse-project@

When does the decision happen?

October 20th 2020 - 9-10am CEST. Stakeholders received a link to the virtual event.

Conditions that Jump is expected to meet before release

I have categorized items however they're the same as in

SLE Product Management

Release Management and Release Engineering

  • No Build build failures unless an exception was granted for a particular package.
  • The release is based on SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP2 Updates and related openSUSE Backports.
    • With exception of features that were rejected and the openSUSE community agreed to drop feature (currently only qemu-kvm/SDL2 integration)
  • All features that are implemented in SLE-15-SP3 need to be currently rebuilt in openSUSE Jump (with is_opensuse) so we do not regress in features.

The Build Service

  • Sign off on the current setup Jump build infrastructure as far as submission and pre-integration workflow goes.
  • The community can create code change requests for packages inherited from SUSE Linux Enterprise



  • Migration of Leap 15.2 to Leap 15.2.1 works.
    • Not necessarily the older releases even when we test them.
    • Our docs say you need to migrate from release to release and follow the n+1 migration scenario (do not skip any release in between).
  • Migration from Leap 15.2.1 -> SLE 15 SP2 is working
    • We need to document that the user needs to enable update repositories, or the user has to use the image for the latest Quarterly Update

Maintenance and Security

  • Maintenance setup is set up and tested

Go / NoGo decision

Please make your decision based on the openSUSE Jump alignment to the group of conditions that belong to your work area.


  • Please enter 'Go' if conditions (or their combination) belonging to your work area are met on the day of the Signoff (20th October).
  • Please enter 'Conditional Go' If conditions belonging to your work are not met on the day of sign-off but there is a chance that it would be met until the expected GA (4th November). Please enter problematic conditions into the "Reasoning" column.
  • Please enter 'Conditional NoGo' If conditions belonging to your work are not met on the day of sign-off but there might be a chance that it would be met until the expected GA (4th November). Please enter problematic conditions into the "Reasoning" column.
  • Please choose 'No-Go' in case that conditions belonging to your work area are not met and you don't see how it could be met until the expected GA. Please enter problematic conditions into the "Reasoning" column.
Team Stakeholder Decision (Go/Conditional Go/Conditional NoGo/NoGo) Reasoning
openSUSE Release Team Lubos Kocman Conditional NoGo Leap forks are documented here No Seamless migration yet bsc#1173582 / jsc#SLE-14807. Maintenance setup is yet untested. SR mirroring works but is still in-progress, ETA is end of the October jsc#OBS-63. Selected community members can open JIRA features against SLE/Leap.
openSUSE Release Team Max Lin Conditional NoGo Migrations does work before GA. Online repositories setup is done.
openSUSE Release Team Guillaume Gardet NoGo Too much incertinity. See Lubos comments + some packages are missing for aarch64, VLC is an example, but I suspect there are more missing packages for non-x86 archs (From PackageHub). Could we have something to check this kind of problems?
openSUSE Release Team Michel Normand Go/Conditional Go/Conditional NoGo/NoGo Reason for decision if not Go
openSUSE Release Team Dirk Müller Conditional NoGo Regression over Leap (aarch64 and armv7l potentially) not yet handled. We need more time to sort this out.
openSUSE Release Team Dominique Leuenberger Conditional NoGo The way even openQA looks (138 green, 26 softfail, 81 failed) does not give confidence. No single upgrade test passes (otoh, 15.2 -> Jump is not tested)
SLE Release Management Alexander Herzig Go/Conditional we are still blocked on packages of zchunk and because of no maintainer available, but we search with high effort
SLE Release Management Stefan Weiberg Go Not all CTLG features are yet delivered in 15 SP3
Autobuild team Rüdiger Oertel Conditional NoGo neither update nor product repo is in place with currently agreed name and version, so clearly missing target for RC phase
Autobuild team Adrian Schröter Conditional NoGo Non final update meta data. product data needs discussion, broken IMHO atm. No collaboration possible yet due missing features. Atm too early decide atm.
Maintenance team Stephan Barth, Marcus Meissner Conditional NoGo ECOs not approved, zchunk maintainer missing, Marcus: maintenance and repo setup not finished, only 3 weeks left
Security team Marcus Meissner Conditional NoGo Secure boot: cannot mix opensuse and suse kernel modules or other secure boot packages, security is otherwise conditional go
Package Hub Wolfgang Engel, Go
Package Hub Scott Bahling Go
Beta Program Vincent Moutoussamy Go On Vacation but said that it's a Go on behalf of him and his area of interest.
Engineering - Product Migration Jiří Šrain Conditional Go Handling of the vendor change not implemented; for 'zypper dup' needs to be implemented in the old version we want to upgrade. Not a showstopper for release, but quite an annoyance.
Engineering - Kernel Libor Pecháček Go Maintenance will be provided, the Labs team is aware of the policy gap between openSUSE and SLE
Engineering - Desktop Frederic Crozat Go
Quality Assurance Maintenance Heiko Rommel Conditional Go conditions for Go: openQA setup for Maintenance of openSUSE Jump 15.2.1 is ready (POO#72202); software stack fixes for allowing vendor change are consolidated and released (ECO#2889)
Quality Assurance Migrations Wei Gao Conditional NoGo Seamless migration from Leap to SLE blocked on boo#1177506, boo#1177998
SLE Product Management Stefan Behlert Conditional Go While a lot has been achieved, the minimum for a full 'go' would be to have the update repositories and final metadata available. If this can done until November then we should be fine. But we should not "force" it. efore the move is done, we should announce it on the openSUSE mailinglists to avoid surprises on user part.
representing self, trying to balance my community and SUSE hats Gerald Pfeifer Conditional Go I hope the remaining aspects can be completed in the time left, and am in favor of extending the schedule by one, two weeks of that helps (even if it means deferring the kick off of Leap 15.3 accordingly).

Final No-Go was announced on 3rd of November 2020