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Differences of openSUSE Jump/ Leap 15.2.1 from SLE-15-SP2 Updates

these are not source differences but rather differences in enabled feature set during the build.

Keeping track of forks in : poo#73459

The list

Package Description of the difference Expected to be unified with SLE in Leap 15.3
amazon-ecs-init Requires vs Recommends on docker Yes
anthy ibus-anthy and emacs related dependencies Yes
apache2-mod_auth_openidc redis/hiredis integration Pending Feedback
bcc lua support Pending Feedback
cloud-init do not hardcode opensuse/suse replacement Pending Feedback
createrepo_c zchunk support Yes
fio ioengines plugin Pending Feedback
fwupd efidir for opensuse Leap and SLE is different Yes
gstreamer-plugins-bad fluidsynth, chromaprint, libtiger and zbar are available in openSUSE Leap unlike SLE Looks like yes so far
hplip dependencies on python3-Pillow and python3-scikit-image Pending Feedback
installation-images major differences for SLE and openSUSE Leap No. It was agreed to fork and rebuild package in Leap due to branding dependencies.
libproxy / libproxy-plugins requires KDE (libKF5ConfigCore5) Yes
libreoffice KDE integration missing on SLE Yes
libvirt hyper-v, vmware, vbox, hypervisor drivers, storage backends gluster, sheepdog etc. leap gap Yes
libzypp libzck1 libzstd required for zchunk support, switching back to asciidoc Yes
lttng-modules sync SLE and openSUSE Leap differences (RT) Pending Feedback, no fork needed on Leap side as there is no feature drop involved
mozc fcitx support (SLE uses ibus) yes
nginx sync SLE and openSUSE Leap differences Pending feedback
openssl-ibmca has conflicting changes with openSUSE Leap Yes
product-builder sync SLE and openSUSE Leap differences Pending Feedback
python3-ibus KDE and Wayland integration + emoji support Yes. Note review what needs to be forked.
python-oauth2client django support No. This is agreed to be different in SLE and openSUSE Leap
python-qt5 webkit/WebEngine integration No. This was agreed to be different in SLE and openSUSE Leap
qemu Direct NFS qemu-block-nfs, libnfs leap gap, GlusterFS and qemu-block-gluster, libcacard, ksm, lzfse, seabios handling in SLE/Leap Yes
remmina kdewallet support Yes
shim sync SLE and openSUSE Leap differences Pending some more discussion, we really have to use SUSE LLC signed shim.
spice get rid of is_opensuse Yes
spice-gtk smart-card leap gap Yes
subversion KDE integration Pending Feedback
systemd and systemd-mini default ntp Yes. networkd support, default ntp difference.
python-redis update to match version in openSUSE Leap 15.2 yes
virt-manager AppIndicator3 Yes
vm-install extra functionality for xen compared to virt-install Pending Feedback