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Submit Request mirroring

This is a new feature of Open Build Service (OBS-63) which was introduced as part of Closing The Leap Gap. It mirrors an external Submit request in OBS (build.opensuse.org) to IBS (Internal SUSE instance of Open Build Service build.suse.de).

Who should use it?

Community contributors who don't have access to build.suse.de (IBS) and would like to contribute to SLES packages. SUSE Employees, are adviced to use following for cross instance submit requests.

osc -A https://api.suse.de sr openSUSE.org:$source_project_in_OBS $package $target_project_in_IBS

Most of request in OBS against SUSE:SLE project by SUSE employees seem to be created accidentally.

What problems does it solve?

More than 4000 Packages in openSUSE Leap/Jump are inherited from SUSE Linux Enterprise. Community can't easily contribute to these packages.

Submit request mirroring allows all contributors to openSUSE Leap SUSE can initiate submit request against SUSE Linux Enterprise. This is moderated by openSUSE:Suse_sle_review_team, so only requests which meet certain criteria can be considered for inclusion in SUSE Linux Enterprise 15.

What information is synced

  • All internal comments synced from IBS to OBS containing the employee data are anonymized.
  • Creator of submission in IBS will be set to the person who approved suse-sle-review
  • State changes of mirrored submission in IBS need to be projected to the original submission in OBS
  • Comments starting by @public keyword?
  • Reviews, review type and the review comment.
 Example of update: 
 Release Management review -> Accepted (state): Looks good to me (comment if any).
 # or
 Legal Review -> OK

The implementation

All suse-sle-reviews are manually processed by openSUSE:Suse_sle_review_team

Note: mirrored submission always trigger maintainer review, no matter if it's submission against :Update or :GA

Mirroring requres suse vpn access. Plugin osc-plugin-jump.git can be found on gitlab.suse.de. You can simply link file from the github checkout to ~/.osc-plugins

 lkocman@localhost:~/Workspace/opensuse/osc-plugin-jump> ls -la ~/.osc-plugins/
 total 4
 drwxr-xr-x 1 lkocman users   44 Jun 10 15:08 .
 drwxr-xr-x 1 lkocman users 1124 Aug  6 21:49 ..
 lrwxrwxrwx 1 lkocman users   49 Jun  7 14:57 osc-jump.py -> ../Workspace/opensuse/osc-plugin-jump/osc-jump.py
 drwxr-xr-x 1 lkocman users   46 Jun 10 15:08 __pycache__
 lkocman@localhost:~> osc jumpreview
 Request: #839905
   submit:       openSUSE:Factory/bash@165 -> SUSE:SLE-15:Update
 Test of SR redirection do not merge!!!
 State:   review     2020-10-07T00:06:31 lkocman
 Comment: re-test
 Review:  new        Group: suse-sle-reviewers                          2020-10-07T00:06:31 lkocman               
          accepted   Group: suse-sle-reviewers                          2020-10-06T23:52:52 lkocman               
   ok to mirror
 (a)ccept/(d)ecline/(s)kip/(c)ancel > a
 WARNING: Project does not accept submit request, a NEW maintenance incident request will be created instead
 Mirrored SR to 228016