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suse-sle-review is a new kind of review introduced by our Portal:Leap:Jump prototypes which utilizes automatic submit request (SR) redirection (OBS-59) and mirroring (OBS-69) from public OBS instance to internal SUSE Open Build Service instance. See upper left green boxes in the attached diagram.

This means that contributors will in fact submit requests against SUSE Linux Entereprise that will end up in internal SUSE build system (IBS), in case that they're trying to contribute into package in openSUSE Leap 15.3+ that is binary inherited from SUSE Linux Enterprise 15.

An additional review done by openSUSE Release team is needed to allow changes to openSUSE Jump packages coming from SUSE Linux Enterprise.

What are requirements

User needs to have osc-jumpreview installed or linked to ~/.osc-plugins/

 lkocman@localhost:~/Workspace/opensuse/osc-plugin-jump> ls -la ~/.osc-plugins/
 total 4
 drwxr-xr-x 1 lkocman users  44 říj  7 01:40 .
 drwxr-xr-x 1 lkocman users 944 pro  9 09:46 ..
 lrwxrwxrwx 1 lkocman users  60 říj  7 01:39 -> 
 drwxr-xr-x 1 lkocman users  46 pro  9 09:29 __pycache__

Changes need to reference a bug fix and reference boo#12345 or bsc#13245 in submit request text. Bug needs to be addressing an issue for openSUSE Leap and/or SUSE Linux Enterprise.

Updates of packages or other feature enhancements have to follow Community SLE Change requests policy and reference JIRA (jsc#123456). There will be a pilot program for access to openSUSE Leap contributors. Otherwise please ask openSUSE Leap release manager to create one for you.

How is the review done?

A member of the openSUSE Release team evaluates the change either approves it or rejects it with reasoning (e.g. missing issue reference). Reject is really here to speed up feedback loop as we need to catch issues early, rather than wait for SLE Release Manager to do so

Mirroring the issue from OBS to IBS

In this example we're trying to review bash submit request 854199 in OBS against openSUSE Leap 15.3. Result will be a submit request 232420 in IBS.

 lkocman@localhost:~/Workspace/opensuse/osc-plugin-jump> osc jumpreview
 Request: #854199
 submit:       openSUSE:Factory/bash@167 -> SUSE:SLE-15-SP3:GA
 Just a test SR to test mirroring (please ignore)
 State:   review     2020-12-09T08:46:46 lkocman
 Comment: <no comment>
 Review:  new        Group: suse-sle-reviewers                          2020-12- 
 (a)ccept/(d)ecline/(s)kip/(c)ancel > a
 Mirrored SR to 232420

What is the result of the review?

The Approval of a change results in redirecting and bi-directional mirroring of submit request against openSUSE:Jump:X.Y in OBS into a submit request against SUSE:SLE-X-SPY:{GA,Update} project SUSE's IBS. The destination project is chosen based on origin of the package.

The submitter of the review will be set to the person who approved the suse-sle-review. All comments are visible in both SR


The latest source for the diagram can be found [1]