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This a landing page dedicated to the openSUSE Leap prototype "Jump" announced in April 2020 on opensuse-project@. Any feedback is welcome. Please make sure to read Portal:Leap/FAQ/ClosingTheLeapGap prior asking any question on opensuse-project@ or opensuse-factory@. Thank you

What is Jump?

Jump is a prototype of how could openSUSE Leap look like once we're done with current release of openSUSE Leap 15.2. It's not supposed to be a parallel supported alternative to the openSUSE Leap. See Portal:Leap/FAQ/ClosingTheLeapGap for more information. Jump is also an implementation proposal of the Closing The Leap Gap effort.

See following video from Adrian regarding the current status of Jump from the openSUSE Virtual Summit 2020 [1]. A related talk is also the Current and Future strategy for openSUSE Leap [2] which is also from openSUSE Virtual Summit 2020 2020.


Please see our Portal:Leap/FAQ/ClosingTheLeapGap for more information about Closing the Leap Gap.

Where is the work tracked?

Progress is tracked here: [3]. OBS project: openSUSE:Jump:15.2

There is a pubilic weekly update meeting (Friday 11:30 CEST) with all stakeholders. More details including a link to the video conference is in the meeting minutes bellow.

All meeting minutes are available at [4] Same meeting minutes are also sent to the opensuse-factory mailing list.

Where to get images?

Images are available at Please keep in mind that Jump is still in Alpha quality, it's more of a proof of concept of the new build & test infrastructure (see diagram bellow).

How to report bugs?

Please report issues under project openSUSE Distribution and choose version Jump 15.2.1. The version is important identifier so please make sure it's set.

Please follow openSUSE:Submitting_bug_reports if you need a guidance on this topic.

Where is the documentation for the new submit request workflow?

The Diagram of the new content workflow including SLE Community Feature requests can be found at Portal:Leap/SLEFeatureRequests.

Revised policies

Newly created documents referenced in these policies

Who is in charge?

Team working on the proposal is openSUSE:Release_team. Please see "Where is the work tracked?" for individual task owners.

What about kernel?

See current plans on Portal:Jump/Kernel