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Archive:Board meeting 2018-07-31

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Board Meeting Minutes of Jul 31 2018




Board Meeting Minutes

After an accidental disclosure of our Board minutes after the last meeting, Board agreed to only publish its minutes after the draft has been agreed upon by the Board


Gertjan gave an update on the conflict to date Mediation so far has been therapeutic, solutions have been elusive todate, but the conflicting contributors are now constructively discussing with each other with the board mediators in CC. Discussions ongoing

Conflict 2

ACTION: Ana to discuss as recorded in last meeting


Bugzilla is not allowing SUSE-volunteers for bugshare to open bugs in the way intended

ACTION: Simon to email Richard about the problem to raise with SUSE mgmt


ACTION: Richard to update Membership pages on wiki

Licensing News need to fixed to show its license for the content (CC-BY)

ACTION: Ana to talk to Doug about getting that fixed if she doesn't fix it already

Sponsoring Football Club

Board had a request to sponsor a local kids football team in Bavaria. The Board discussed the idea. We typically only sponsor conferences when there are openSUSE contributors present to represent the Project and discuss with interested parties. In this case even though this is not a conference, there will be openSUSE Contributors present and the team has parents and supporters from local technical companies in the area (eg. Siemens). The Board decided to sponsor the team with a 5-1 vote. As it is unusual for us to sponsor such things, the Board decided to consider such things only on a case by case basis, at the Board level.

ACTION: Ana to talk to Doug about updating the sponsorship page

openSUSE Asia

Discussion about the logo, trademark, etc. Nothing to discuss, although the logo doesn't comply with our usual colours and logo type, it does fit in the parameters allowed in the Artwork guidelines

  • Ana and Simon will be doing the opening and closing sessions
  • Ralf Flaxa (SUSE President of Engineering) will now also be providing a keynote


Ongoing discussions with SPI - they are generally welcome at the idea of providing a project of our size with their service SFConservancy - also seem to open to working with us. Discussions ongoing

Next Meeting

21st August , after openSUSE Asia, due to Simon and Ana's inability to join due to their return travel from the conference.