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Meeting Minutes 2020-08-04 - 0800 CEST

Attendees: Gerald, Vinz, Marina, Axel
Absent: Simon
Minutes taken: Axel

Draft of foundation presentation

Postponed as not every board member had the chance to look into the presentation.

We need to broaden the group of people working on foundation.
Idea: Restart the process on
New topic 'Foundation Restart 2020', cleaning up of portal and move old stuff to Portal:Archive (Vinz)
Announce on project mailing list. Dependent on traffic, os-foundation@o.o may be reopened

Pending Meeting Minutes

Reminder on two missing meeting minutes

Board Talk on openSUSE Conference

Currently we have 114 registered attendees, 84 talks submitted and ~44 hours of presentations for oSLo
Board will submit a 1h workshop for discussion with the community (Marina).
Add your topics you want to discuss here:

Board will try a face2face meeting after election. Problem is that Simon cant leave Australia for at least next 6-12 month


2FA on github repos for admins should be mandatory as requested by github organisation.
AI Simon to send reminder to people not yet using 2FA

Next board call: 18.08.2020 0800 CEST