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Topics for next online meeting agenda (19th Mar)

The board is always happy for people to reach them with things that need to be discussed. Because of this we encourage everybody to add items they find important to the next meeting agenda. You can add them directly below.

You can also reach the board privately via email with your topics if your prefer.

IRC>Matrix>Discord bridging

Bridging is done for various languages (es,it,pl,cn) but not for #opensuse-de Out of 7 OPs in the channel only one could be reached but he doesn't want to decide about bridging. Is there something the board can do about that? Any hints on where to reach out? Maybe some of these usernames are known and could be contacted via email? --Vinzv (talk)

Registered OPs:

  • fnmueller
  • derRichard
  • Siju
  • }-Tux-{
  • darix
  • yaloki
  • tacit

Discussion with Douglas


Follow up to Board reported issue