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Archive:Board meeting 2021-01-18

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Present: Gerald Axel Simon Vinz Neal Gertjan

Agenda and minutes

  • Documenting complaint handling best practices

Gerald would like to have this documented preferably before new complaints arise and offers to put something up for others to review

  • Tracking trademark usage approvals

Nothing we can do or have to do right now.

  • Handling board tasks with progress-o-o or alternative (V)

Board discusses this. Neal proposes a pagure setup. Board also discussed some options they would need Neal will create up a 'review setup'.

  • End of year survey

Axel: Meeting is on Jan 23 and 30, 1300 UTC. Neal notices that it was not only nice to get the info collected, but that the survey was also mentioned in various linux online magazines. Board will try to join the meeting as far they can

  • Wiki - self perception

Axel speaks) to improve some phrasing on our Main wiki page. Board briefly discusses this, Gerald likes us to discuss and share input on this with the Marketing team. Board ends up discussing marketing.

  • Treasurer

Board disccused the Treasurer