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Archive:Board meeting 2018-09-18

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Meeting minutes 20180918

Present: Richard Christian Simon Gertjan

Absent: Ana Sarah

Agenda 1. Two trade mark issues 2. Gertjan: Doug sponsor wiki. What should be changed? It was not clear what needed changing.

1, The board discussed two trade mark issues, both need some follow-up discussion with the requesters

2. The wiki pages re. our sponsors are OK, what we need is a page with info about us sponsoring other projects, i.e. about how other projects can ask for sponsorship from us AI: Gertjan emails Doug

The "anything else?" question replies:

Christian: The still needs to be transferred to openSUSE. AI: Richard picking this up

Christian: There was a cookie issue (probably caused by a new load balancer in Provo). which made f.e. inaccessable. This was fixed/workarounded on paste.o.o, but the "evil" cookie still breaks some Heroes-internal services. Gertjan states that the forums improved hugely AI : Christian contacts Theo ( heroes ) for more info.