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openSUSE Regular Board Election 2023

This is a regular election as defined in our Election Rules.

It's time to elect new Board members to fill empty seats on the openSUSE Board for 2024. This time we are looking to fill two seats in accordance with our Election Rules Election Rules:

1. Maurizio Galli, and 2. Patrick Fitzgerald, who are both still eligible for re-election.

The announcement of the openSUSE Regular Board Election 2023 was made on the project mailing list.


Visual / Poster

2023-Board Election-R2.jpeg

Poster courtesy - Kukuh Syafaat.

Phase 0

15 November 2023

  • Announcement of the Board Election 2023
  • Call for Nominations and Applications for Board candidacy
  • Membership drive

30 November 2023

  • Nominations and Applications for Board candidacy close

Phase 1

15 December 2023

  • Announcement of the final list of candidates
  • Campaign begins
  • Membership drive continues, opportunity to apply for openSUSE Membership, but members will only be eligible to vote and not run as a candidate

Phase 2

1 January 2024

  • Ballots open: Please cast your vote during this time
  • Campaign continues

15 January 2024

  • Ballots close

16 January 2024

  • Announcement of results

Election Committee


You can contact the committee using the mail address

Warning: There is an issue with receiving html messages. A fix is on the way - in the meantime please use "plain text mode" (gmail) or equivalent in your email provider to avoid this.

Detailed explanation of all phases

Phase 0: Notification of Intent to Run or nomination

Note: Running as a Candidate in the election means you are making a serious Two Year Commitment to serve on the openSUSE Board and such a commitment is not to be taken lightly. Early resignations from this commitment should only be made for extremely unusual circumstances. It is recommended that prospective candidates consider this when deciding to run.

Only openSUSE members are eligible to run for openSUSE Board openings. Election Committee Officials, however, are not eligible to run in order to avoid conflicts of interest. To stand for a position in the openSUSE board please send a mail to

Phase 1: Campaign

During the campaign phase there should be:

  • plenty of campaign releases about the upcoming election by the candidates in openSUSE Communication outlets;
  • interviews with all candidates by the openSUSE news team;
  • interviews of outgoing and current board members to give a picture of life on the openSUSE Board

Phase 2: Election

All persons with voting rights will be able to cast their votes using a link emailed to them mentioning Once a vote has been submitted, it can be changed until the end of the election period. All votes are stored anonymously in the electronic system.

Members may vote for one candidate only or up to a maximum of three candidates. Members may also opt for "None of the above" if they do not find any suitable candidate in this election.


The current 2023 openSUSE Board Election candidates are: