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Name : Chuck "PUP" Payne
Date and Place of Birth: September 12th, 19xx - Memphis, TN, USA
Personal Life : A Dad to three wonderful kids, and a dog
Where I have lived... Memphis, TN ; Jacksonville, AR ; Takamatsu, Japan ; Norcoss and Daculu, GA
School  : University of the Ozarks
Work : System Administrator/Linux Team Lead for CDC/NIOSH
Interests  : Photographer, Computers (Linux, Macintosh, and Emulators), Bike Riding, Minecraft

Been working with SuSE/opensuse since version 5.3 (1999), Linux since 1996, started with Slackware 96. Also work with FreeBSD, Haiku (BeOS) and Solaris. I play role of Red Hat Admin in my daily life. At night, I dress up a grey hat hacker, with my SuSE Pin on my pork pie hat, while I work on my main desktop running openSUSE Tumbleweed. With some server running Leap as and loving it.

Over 23 years of IT experience. I written a firewall program called Tengu, that works with logs to block attackers.

All my virtual servers is run on openSUSE Tumbleweed with KVM (Libvirtd), on old Dell hardware, ask to see my rack. ;)

I help out with Civil Air Patrol's Cyber Patriots, teaching kids how to use Linux. I am a community manager for the Southeast Linux Fest, where I run the table for openSUSE.

I do a lot of retro and computing stuff with single boards, mainly Pi, Odroids, and ASUS.

Facebook Admin for the group and fan page, and Yast.

Working on Playbooks with Ansible.

Trying to get Minecraft Java to run stable on Tumbleweed. What can I say, I am a builder.

Tengu, Ambassador ( doen't matter the program is gone, I will always be an Ambassador for openSUSE.), UglyScale

Person Projects:

BASH Scripting -- Working on a script that creates a script for VirtualBox. Plus, rebuilding and redesign my home lab.

Publishications Linux Identity
How to install openSUSE 11.3
It takes a community to create a distro
Cool things to check out in openSUSE 11.3

One of my talks

email : ( use opensuse in the subject)
skype : terrorpup
irc : terrorpup (freenode)
discord: terrorpup#3550
blog :

21' will start publishing Linux School, keep an eye out for
Areas willing travel for now : Anywhere in the states.
The Living Charlie Brown, I have the beagle to prove it.