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Archive:Board meeting 2019-01-08

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Meeting Minutes 8 Jan 2019


Ana (Reasons Given)


Removal of openSUSE Contributor from devel repo in OBS

Board recieved a concern from a contributor regarding a recent removal of someone from a devel project AI: Simon/Gertjan to investigate

GSoC money

Board have investigated how to use the GSoC money for the openSUSE.Asia Summit, but it is logistically not possible. The Board agreed to donate the money to both KDE and GNOME, as suggested by the openSUSE org admins as alternative. AI: Richard to discuss with Treasurer


Board discussed how the elections are running smoothly

Board recieved an escalation regarding a poster to with a disruptively high rate of posts. Our tooling does not have a rate limit feature, and the user has not reduced the amount of posting after requests so the Board decided to remove the user.

Previous Items

Board triaged some previous action items making sure they were resolved. openFATE shutdown - WIP - Richard to follow up