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Archive:Board meeting 2018-12-04

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Board meeting minutes of Dec 4, 2018



openFATE will be shut down in some weeks.

ACTION: Richard will send an announcement/reminder mail with the shutdown date (at least 1 week before actual shutdown), so that people have a last chance to backup (or implement!) a feature request

Election committee

We discussed some questions the election committee asked.

ACTION: Ana will send them an answer.

Membership rules

The board decided on new rules how to become an openSUSE Member at the face2face meeting in May, which make becoming an openSUSE Member much easier. In the following discussion on the openSUSE Conference and the project mailinglist, everybody agreed with that change. However, the wiki page was never updated.

The board voted unanimously that the new membership rules should be applied now. (Sarah and Christian didn't vote because of a possible conflict of interest.)

ACTION Richard will write the updated rules, send the draft to the board (except Sarah and Christian to avoid a possible conflict of interest), and then update the wiki page.

ACTION: Richard will write to the election committee and explain our decision.

ACTION: Richard will write to the membership committee and ask them to apply the updated rules. He'll also ask which membership officials are still active.

Merge board election rules and membership rules

The board wants to merge the election rules and membership rules into one "government document". This won't change the rules, it will only move all of them into one document / wiki page.

The merge will be done as a separate change, after the membership rules were updated.

Next meetings

The next board meeting will be 2018-12-11, then we'll do a christmas break (but still read and answer mails). The first meeting in 2019 will be 2019-01-08.