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Archive:Board meeting 2020-09-01

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Present: Axel, Gerald, Marina, Simon, Vinz
Missed: Stasiek
Minutes: N.S. (editor: Gerald)

Welcome Stasiek to the board

  • "Video welcome" deferred to next board call.

Board internal communications

  • Options for communications channel beyond
  • Telegram/IRC are already bridged with Matrix.
  • One can join, though openSUSE SSO is not yet available.
  • Matrix is hosted by openSUSE infra.
  • Telegram has a web client and other features.
  • Simon is not using Telegram nor Matrix yet.
  • Gerald is fine, same for Axel.
  • Agreement to generally focus on e-mail and use board-only IM group for urgencies.
  • Decision: wait for Stasiek to weigh in.

openSUSE + LibreOffice conference update

  • October 15-17
  • Organizing team putting focus on diversity, inclusion
  • Promote/inform
    • project@
    • SUSE blog?