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Archive:Board meeting 2021-09-27

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Meeting minutes for Board call on 2021-09-27 @ 13:00 CEST

Attendees: Gerald, Gertjan, Neal, Syds, Vinz

Absent: Axel, Simon

Guests: Mau, Bill, Jens

Meeting start

Review of open issues

Create mailing list for moderators across all media


Gerald notes Gertjan is assigned to it. Gertjan and Mau will work on this.

Teams and Sharing/Communications


Gerald notes there are two parts:

  • Semi-static information (members, who to contact, what they do, etc.)
  • Regularly refreshed information (progress, current status, etc.)

Syds notes the Xfce team's page is a good model, Mau says that the page is a bit out of date.


Gerald will follow up on this for the next few meetings.

Creating a consistent way to document differences in policy between devel projects


Simon has this, waiting on this

Simplify multimedia codec installation

Board-side is private, Leap side is public


Gerald is having ongoing internal discussions with Lubos and Legal

Gerald will ping the thread. Neal notes it's likely going to be a similar solution to Fedora's.

Moderator accountability across all platforms


Simon has this, waiting on this

Emeritus Membership


Simon has this, waiting on this

Follow-up on foundation stuff

Syds sent a private email about foundation legal structures in the Netherlands. Neal and Gerald discuss the particulars of de-coupling SUSE and openSUSE infrastructure.

Syds asks if we want a working group on this. Gerald nods. Group agrees this should be openSUSE members, not just board (modulo Gerald ideally).

Initial interest of working group members: Axel, Bill, Jens, Syds, Neal, Simon

Meeting close 13:50 CEST