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The openSUSE Xfce Team works on the integration of the Xfce desktop environment into openSUSE. Its main tasks are:

  • packaging Xfce components and applications
  • integrating them well with the distribution
  • providing openSUSE branded artwork
  • testing
  • handling bug reports and collaborating with upstream


You can contact us via IRC, Discord or our mailing list:


  • Andreas Artz
  • Maurizio Galli (MauG)
  • Marcel Kühlhorn (tux93)
  • Stefan Seyfried (seife)
  • Takashi Iwai (tiwai)
  • Vinzenz Vietzke (vinzv)

Things to do

  - Make xfce_basis pattern visible in the installer
  - Add `Requires:       pattern() = x11` to xfce_basis pattern
  - Replace Gnome Calculator with Mate Calculator
  - Replace xscreensaver with xfce4-screensaver

How to join

Want to join us in our efforts? Just talk to us!