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Archive:Board meeting 2020-05-26

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Board Meeting 2020-05-26


Marina, Vinz, Simon, Gerald, Axel Guest: Doug deMaio Minutes taken: Axel

Meeting start: 22.00 CEST

openSUSE Jitsi instance

Board tested the Jitsi instance and found out that IPv6 connections are not working properly. Switch back to old solution. Thanks to Marco for analysis


Doug aligned with TDF Team and TDF proposal is to move to virtual conference Cancellation fees of 50% for room apply anyway. Deadline for final decision is 21. July Most likely people from outside Europe will not be able to tavel in. Expected 90% participants from Europe Virtual meeting would give some more flexibility in terms of timing and deadlines (call for papers etc) Tool developed for the openSUSE virtual summit should be used. It is still being developed, but worked already nicely in the virtual summit Board discussed until when we need to keep the decision open Opinion within the board is not homogeneous.

Decide today to go virtual ? Board voted 3-1-0 (pro/contra/abstain) Doug to prepare corresponding press release

Doug left the call at 23:15

Non-confidence vote

Election officials asked for membership list from membership officials. AI: Gerald to follow up on this

Meeting organization

Marina pushs to re-vitalize the use of the agenda-wiki. Collect items until 4 days before call distinguish public/private items send public agenda 2 days before call to project list Option for project members to join public part

Dry-run for next board call. Marina to drive

Meeting closed 23:30 CEST