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Archive:Board meeting 2020-01-21

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Present: Axel, Christian, Gerald, Gertjan, Marina, Simon


  • Several of us (board members) are going to attend FOSDEM in Brussels, February 1st/2nd 2020.
  • We'll also be attending the LibreOffice social dinner Saturday evening.

openSUSE+LibreOffice conference

  • A logo has been jointly selected by the openSUSE and LibreOffice teams; details to follow on
  • Going to use openSUSE infrastructure for call of papers.
  • Looking for some volunteers on the organization team; if you are interested please reach out to Marina Latini <> and Douglas DeMaio <>.
  • (Gertjan is going to help via IRC and with submission reviews.)
  • KDE will celebrate their 24th anniversary on the first day of the event, so there may be opportunity for some joint celebration.

Marina has joined SUSE

Minutes of this meeting

  • We'll strive to do better going forward.
  • Gertjan and Simon hope to send minutes for past board meetings out soon.

openSUSE Forums Move

  • The move of the openSUSE Forums from Micro Focus IT in Provo to the openSUSE Heroes in Nürnberg is in the works.
  • Gerald had to escalate syncing of the database which got stalled, hoping for resolution soon.

Board Election

  • Board election is ongoing (190 voted at the time of the meeting).

openSUSE.Asia Summit 2020 proposal

  • We received what looks like a nicely worked out proposal.
  • AI all board members: review and provide feedback.