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Archive:Board meeting 2021-03-15

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Meeting minutes for Board call on 2021-03-15 @ 21:00 CEST

Attendees: Gerald, Gertjan, Simon, Vinz, Axel, Neal
Minutes: Neal
Meeting closed: 2300 CEST

Treasurer on board@?

It has been generally agreed that Syds will be added to board@ mailing list. Gertjan will schedule with Syds a time to meet and talk with the Board.

(Note: this happened for the 2021-03-29 meeting, minutes for which already were published)

Emeritus Membership

Simon intends to clarify the information and rules around emeritus membership.

Communication Protocols

It has been observed that openSUSE as a project is gradually improving on communication, the Board will revisit this at a later date.

Conflict resolution issues

Acknowledged and worked on.