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Archive:Board meeting 2018-10-16

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  • Ana (reason given)

Decision for Laptops for openSUSE booths

Tuxeedo has offered to sponsor notebooks for openSUSE booths at expos and conferences.
We voted the same for Tuxeedo notebooks for booths.

Problem with forums

The forums are very slow at the moment. Headers are not under Microfocus control. They should be under SUSE control. It hangs to contact SUSE because of the html call. It is written in PHP. An existing problem is that the Web Team does not exist any more. Servers in Provo are not available for Heroes. AI: Richard will discuss it SUSE internal

openSUSE Summit in April 5th-6th

Tickets for SUSECon (openSUSE Summent in parallel) are available. We can suggest openSUSE Members. Richard can not go because of the Brexit and he would come back as a non European. The Board suggested different openSUSE Members.


rsync.o.o is mostly back.