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Archive:Board meeting 2019-05-14

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Present: All


Only item the board has at this moment is the F2F Meeting next week.

F2F Meeting

This year's main topic will be openSUSE's independence. We will meet Thomas di Giacomo for dinner on Thursday 23rd to speak to him about this. One of the issues with an e.V. is that it has no way to maintain a formal relationship with SUSE. A Foundation done right seems to be the best option, but needs proper preparation. All this to be discussed during the F2F.

Community discussion at oSC19

Simon comes with the idea to shortly inform the community about the plans at the beginning of oSC19, and discuss this with the Board on Sunday at oSC19.

Richard will contact Ciaran ( SUSE Legal ) to join us for half an hour during the F2F.