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minutes board meeting 25 October 2021, 13.00 CET

present: Axel, Gerald, GertJan, Neal, Simon & Syds Excused: Vinz

Other participants: Doug, Attilla

General topics

Update last meeting: - Elections; Axel has sent the request for the election to the election officials.

- Twitter; New login and tweetdeck is setup. Doug and Henne have primary control and provide access to other people.

- Marco will look into the jitsi instance; as the board meeting had to take place at the public server since meet.o.o due to severe connection issues.

Item 25 (team sharing and communications) ( - it's not a mandate but a request, it's an ongoing thing to keep in the back of our minds. - Gerald brought this up on the Release Enginering meeting as well, good to

Follow up on foundation: - possible foundation options, full fledged or a 'friends of-' foundation or a hybrid. - As an alternative to the full foundation the 'friends of-' version could just keep the budget and be used for sponsoring.

Marketing update: - NFT is not happening right now (as digital swag)

action item next meeting: - funding proposal from Klaus (he now sent an English version of the proposal)