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Archive:Board meeting 2021-05-10

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Minutes of openSUSE Board meeting 2021-05-10

Present: Axel, Gerald, Gertjan, Neal, Simon, Syds, Vinz
Minutes: Gerald
Next: Gertjan

Public Board Meetings

AI: Neal to announce details of process around public board meeting

Plan is to use ticketing system to create agenda for next meeting, then open up and go public with first meeting of June.

May 24th is a public holiday: move to May 25, same time, same station, then June 7th.

Proposal for openSUSE.Asia Summit

  • Lower cost than past years (due to lack of travel)
  • Doug supportive
  • Board supportive
  • Also, we encourage organizers to apply for openSUSE membership!
  • Suggestion to promote more strongly, since it's an online event (and in English language)
  • AI Syds: respond to openSUSE.Asia Summit team

Next step: mailing lists vs other platforms

  • AI Gertjan: invite Sasi to next meeting

Sponsorships and events

  • Syds and Doug working together on overview and list.

openSUSE Foundation

  • Simon is to going to resume work on an overview and business case.
  • Discussion on arguments
    • ability to receive donations
    • GDPR separation
    • rathole on what data is in which systems, how to address removal requests,..., systems like Bugzilla, OBS,...
  • Discussion on trademarks (and ownership and registrations)

Alma Linux ... potential sponsorhip for openSUSE Conference

  • Can they actually sponsor us in a meaningful way (given that it's an online event only)?
  • apparently so (based on Neal's experience working for sponsor of OSC'21)
  • Decision: not now, give it another year (at least)
  • Decision: no mutual sponsorship