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Archive:Board meeting 2021-04-26

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Minutes of openSUSE Board meeting 2021-04-26, 1300 CEST

Attendees: Axel, Gertjan, Gerald, Neal, Simon, Vinz

Excused: Syds

Meeting Minutes: Vinz

Follow up on agenda action items tooling

The board discussed the further usage of code-o-o for keeping track of action items. Project can be found here:

  • Neal made "meeting" tag for the code-o-o board project to track topics for (future) meetings
  • AI Neal: Set up "board2021" and "board2020" repos for separating private information according to
  • AI Neal:
  • AI Simon: Add process documentation to board wiki page at "best practices"

Too much SLE in Leap 15.3

  • Base packages from SLE, updated applications from TW
  • KDE stack is outdated
  • Reason is Qt not getting updated to at least 5.15 LTS
  • Bugfixing in KDE these days mostly requires fixes or updates of Qt

Follow up on emeritus membership

Follow up on foundation

Follow up on Sponsorships and events

  • Posponed due to Syds not being present.

Next Meeting Minutes: Gerald

Meeting ends: 1400 CEST