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Archive:Board meeting 2021-06-07

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Meeting minutes for Board call on 2021-06-07 @ 13:00 CEST

Attendees: Gerald, Gertjan, Simon, Neal, Syds
Absent: Vinz, Axel
Guests: Doug, Luna, Maurizio, Onralp, Bill

Meeting start

Gerald asks for additional topics from the community. None are brought up.

Moderator accountability


Simon would like to have a consistent accounting of moderation/bans for Board review

Gertjan notes that the forums banlist is almost entirely spammers, trolls usually die out before bans/moderation has to be done

It's also noted that this is the same in Matrix, Discord, and Telegram. Mau notes Discord moderation log is public already.

Gerald restates the topic for clarification and Simon agrees with it.

Simon wants a global (non-public) archive, Neal mentions we could probably auto-archive into using APIs of all platforms.

Onralp notes Telegram has an API for this and he does this already with a bot. Simon wants the archive to note who did the ban and when and on what platform. Mau would not want the archive with moderator name public. Simon really wants the moderator info to contact for mod/ban review.

Mau asks about the moderator list, Neal points out it may be impractical due to how mods are managed.

Neal suggests a moderator lead for each platform, Simon wants all moderators and thinks we don't have too many.

Gertjan notes that he's had targeted harassment as a moderator.

Board agrees that we should have a global archive in one place for moderators to review and collect contact info for moderators.

Further implementation details TBD.

Freenode -> Libera Chat for IRC


Gerald asks what's left. Simon and Neal note we need to complete the switchover.

Gerald states a trite computer science phrase. "Every problem can be solved with another level of indirection"

Neal suggests the Board needs to make a formal announcement and update all the Freenode channel topics with that announcement, specifically to avoid getting the Freenode hijack so that people *don't* get confused.

Gerald asks Neal if he can handle it. Neal will write the announcement and talk to darix about applying it to channels.

Improving the Board meeting/attendance experience


Luna asks for regular notifications of upcoming meetings.

Neal notes he and Sasi have been looking at deploying fedocal for other reasons and would help here:

Gerald suggests the minute taker announce the next meeting as an interim solution.

Gerald also asks that minute takers update the status of tickets discussed so we don't accidentally discuss it over and over.

Meeting close 14:00 CEST