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Archive:Board meeting 2019-10-29

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Board Meeting minutes 10-29-2019

Absent with notice: Gerald, Marina Present: Axel, Simon, Christian, Gertjan Guest: Doug

    • openSUSE / LO Conference

The board and Doug discussed the following: - dates: 13th - 16th October 2020 seem to be prefered, but nothing definite here. If the openSUSE Asia Summit would be . Sept 26 - 27 that would in our opinion not be a conflict. But there's also the SUSE Labs with which we share the video equipment. So, still in progress Marina adds that it would be in Week 42 !!!!

    • openLABS / osCAL

Board agrees on 5K sponsorship and have an openSUSE Summit here. It would be nice if some openSUSE people could do talks there, which would need proper advertiseing this event.

    • Conflict resolution

Board agreed that Christian and Simon drive the situation re. group tags in rpm spec files.

    • Open Letter to EU

The board briefly discussed the intended Open Letter to the EU, where currently the status is that - there is no real progress atm - the issue could be raised on open forums